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The Mass Luminosity Team

A photo of Angel Munoz. Angel Munoz CEO
Angel Munoz joined the videogame industry in 1995 after a successful career in investment banking. He first launched an online publication for video games named Adrenaline Vault, and followed with the world's first league for PC gamers, The Cyberathlete Professional League, spearheading the billion dollar Esports industry. Mr. Munoz is now leading the development of new technologies to augment and enhance social media experiences for users and companies, and launched both Mass Luminosity and GTribe. Mr. Munoz is CEO.
A photo of  Atroshenko. Teodor Atroshenko SVP of Technology
Teodor Atroshenko finished his a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico located in Lisbon, Portugal. He's now pursuing a Masters degree in Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence. He is the lead software developer of GTribe. Teodor is Vice President of Technology.
A photo of Geoff Osborn. Geoff Osborn Chairman of the Board
Geoff Osborn has years of experience in managing legal affairs, including the creation of operating partnerships and the establishment of investment structures with co-investment partners. Mr. Osborn was senior vice president and general counsel of Hunt Realty Investments and currently is a founding principal and the president of Banner Oak Capital Partners. At Banner Oak he oversees the establishment and strategic direction of Banner Oak’s operating partnerships and manages the execution of its capital programs. He earned his JD and BS degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. At Mass Luminosity, Mr. Osborn is Chairman of the Board of Directors, Corporate Secretary and special advisor to the CEO.
A photo of Andrew Slane. Andrew Slane VP of Visual Design
Andrew Slane graduated from Westminster College, New Wilmington, Pennsylvania, with a double Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Pre-Medicine. He spent three years studying Medicine at the Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pennsylvania and has since relocated to Germany. Since late 2006, he's led the design team for a diversity of web and social media projects. He is the lead designer of GTribe's user interface. Slane is Vice President of Visual Design.
A photo of Veniamin Crãciun. Veniamin Crãciun Software Engineer
Veniamin Crãciun finished his Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications and Information Systems Engineering from Instituto Superior Tecnico, located in Lisbon, Portugal, where he’s now pursuing a Master's degree in Intelligent Systems and Information Processing. Veniamin is Software Engineer.
A photo of Alex Anderson. Alex Anderson Community Manager
Alex Anderson is a former student of the College of San Mateo, California, and has 20+ years of customer service experience in retail, technology and government. Alex has been a PC gamer & technology enthusiast going back to the days of the Commodore 64. He spent four years as Assistant Director of an MMORPG's customer service program. Alex is Community Manager.
A photo of  Harisusanto. Diyan Harisusanto Graphic Designer
Diyan Harisusanto, a former Graphic Design student of Wearnes Education Center, Indonesia, has 15 years of experience in graphic design and printing. He spent four years as graphics designer, four additional years as designer and pre-print director, and recently became CEO of a printing company in Lombok, Indonesia. Diyan is Graphic Designer.
A photo of  Agrawal. Sagar Agrawal Video Designer
Sagar Agrawal is a former student of Nagpur University, India, with a degree in Computer Application. He has years of experience in PC maintenance, and sells custom-built gaming and workstation PCs in India. He also owns a business that specializes in commercial and promotional video advertisement. Sagar is Video Designer.
A photo of Jaye Whitney. Jaye Whitney Executive Assistant
Jaye Whitney is a former student of Texas Woman's University in Denton, TX, and has 25+ years of experience in office administration and management. Jaye is Executive Assistant.