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Escalation Studios Joins Gaming Tribe

Mass Luminosity announced that Escalation Studios, a world-class independent game developer committed to building experiences that push the boundaries of interactive entertainment, has joined the Gaming Tribe community and launched a corporate page at

“Escalation Studios is excited to join the Gaming Tribe global community," said Tom Mustaine, CEO of Escalation Studios. "We have been watching the growth and development of Gaming Tribe since it launched last year, and are very impressed with both the technology created for the network and the nature of the community. We believe there’s strong affinity between the spirit of Gaming Tribe and the kind of games we’re passionate about building at Escalation."

“We are thrilled to welcome Escalation Studios to Gaming Tribe,” said Angel Munoz, CEO of Mass Luminosity. “Beyond just a simple presence on Gaming Tribe, they are planning some unique experiences for the members of our community that will be unparalleled in the industry. We look forward to many years of cooperation and interaction.”

Posted on 10 September 2015 | .PDF Version

GIGABYTE Extends Global Sponsorship of Gaming Tribe

Mass Luminosity announced that GIGABYTE, a world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, has extended its global sponsorship of Gaming Tribe through 2016. GIGABYTE will enhance its support of the popular Gaming Tribe promotions, and increase its direct engagement with the Gaming Tribe community on their Gaming Tribe Corporate Page located at: [More...]

Posted on 6 August 2015 | .PDF Version

Cyonic Becomes Top Sponsor of Gaming Tribe

Mass Luminosity is proud to announce that Cyonic, a new global brand of high performance computer parts and accessories, has joined AMD and Logitech, to become a Top Global Sponsor of Gaming Tribe, the world’s first social media network primarily focused on PC gamers and technology enthusiasts. Furthermore, Cyonic has launched a new corporate Page on Gaming Tribe, located at: [More...]

Posted on 29 June 2015 | .PDF Version