Mass Luminosity Releases Virtual Assistant Browser Extension

Mass Luminosity, a Dallas based initiator of community experiences that manages large social media channels, and is also parent company to the social media network GTribe, announced that it had released the world’s first browser extension Virtual Assistant AI with True Voice activation and sensitivity control for recognition.

SAMI (Socially Advanced Machine Intelligence) will be available initially to premium members of GTribe as a Chrome browser extension that can run in the background, even when the browser is closed. Furthermore, Mass Luminosity has implemented True Voice activation, preventing the AI from processing any voice or speech data until it’s activated with the expression “Hey SAMI.” Additionally, to prevent SAMI from activating accidentally, the Mass Luminosity team is including a control panel with a sensitivity slider, the first of its type in the world.

“This is the first of several developments we have this year for our Virtual Assistant, AI, named SAMI,” said Teodor Atroshenko, Senior Vice President of Mass Luminosity. “Integrating a benevolent AI to our social media network and now integrating the AI into a web browser are truly just the first steps. We have an array of exciting new features to announce soon.”

From its launch in 2014, Mass Luminosity’s GTribe has evolved from an entity purely focused on social networking to an overarching technology company possessing a worldwide audience within its own social network.